Successful with strong partners

We are proud to be a premium partner of selected companies.


We are a multiple-award-winning partner of MarkLogic in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With MarkLogic, we have the expert for Big Data!


As a partner of AWS, we can very rapidly build up a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure that meets individual requirements.


Microsoft supports companies around the world on their path toward increased competitiveness, fast response to ever-changing needs, optimized products and services, new markets, and the sustainable improvement of business metrics. EBCONT is a certified Microsoft Partner.


As a longtime partner and user of MongoDB, the forerunner of open source NoSQL and general-purpose databases, EBCONT offers a full-service portfolio from consulting and training to operations, implementation and migration.


Application search, log analysis, enterprise search, SIEM, process mining - the applications of Elastic in EBCONT projects are as diverse as the product itself. As a partner, we not only use Elastic in our customer projects, but also provide our customers with targeted professional services support - both on open source and with the help of elastic stack features.


SiteFusion is a web-based content management and workflow solution, focused in the publishing industry. It has its strengths in media-neutral data management, flexible BPM-based workflows and multi channel outputs like print, web and mobile.


The Hadoop ecosystem has been an essential driver in the adoption of big data technologies and practices. As a Cloudera partner we offer full solution delivery and consulting services for enterprise data clouds.


Fonto is a web-based XML Editor which enables subject matter experts to produce structured and rich content.


InterSystems IRIS® makes it easier to build high-performance, machine learning-enabled applications that connect data and application silos. It provides high performance database management, interoperability, and analytics capabilities for your most demanding data intensive applications, and integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.


The only scalable graph database for the enterprise delivers the power of a scalable graph database and analytics to everyone – including non-technical users.

Alexander Deles / CEO

We usually become a strategic partner for our clients because we understand them and move them forward together with technological innovation.

Alexander Deles / CEO

More of our reliable partners

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